My love affair with photography began when I lived in the Netherlands, compelled to capture the fields of rainbows growing around me. With my love of people far outweighing that of flowers & with a burning desire to become the best I could be, I immersed myself into learning everything I could, from every master of the art I admire. I’m so inspired by raw emotion, tender kisses, belly laughs, playfulness, quiet introspection, honesty, natural beauty &, above all, light! Nothing fascinates me more. There is so much beauty & magic in this world, if you just choose to focus on it.

I have the extraordinary privilege of capturing “ordinary” miracles. Love stories so filled with hope & butterflies that I believe in fairytales anew! All that every human being wants & deserves ~ is for eyes to light up when they are seen. I live to capture that spark in the eyes of the ones you love. Making happy memories eternal, that I know will help to light any darkness that may come. Having lost & recently found great love again, capturing weddings is a personal privilege.

Formerly based in Cape Town, I still do the majority of my shoots on the beaches, forests & winelands of the Cape. Living in Durban, I also work here, whilst commuting nationwide. I would literally travel to the ends of the earth, to shoot your special day!

It brings me such joy to celebrate the innate beauty that lies within every woman. My years of body building posing gave me a true appreciation of the female form, but leaving that behind taught me much more: That we are far too hard on ourselves, & that beauty is in fact the opposite of perfection. It’s the thousand little details that make you, you ~ the quirks, confidence or sweet shyness. I love giving my clients the gift of seeing themselves anew & glowing, through my lens & eyes.

The mother within me lights up with every child’s smile, because I know all too well that those chubby little hands that hold you tight, one day let go. Those cherished milestones flash by like shooting stars, gone too soon. My years of being a teacher, my three gorgeous girls & being the eldest of six sisters, has instilled in me the gift of endless patience & little tricks that bring out the smiles & unique character of even the wriggliest of cherubs!

I have a passion for magical, styled shoots, bringing my vision for living art to life. I equally adore lifestyle shots, capturing life as it unfolds: From expectant parents caressing a bump filled with dreams, to the way a new dad looks at the miracle in his arms, the tangible love between a mom & her whole world & the delight of giggling siblings ~ all bathed in dreamy, natural light. I have the honour of immortalizing love, colours & delicate details ~ something my eye became finely tuned to, through my sugar craft training. But even the prettiest of cakes just end up eaten! I have an insatiable desire to not only create happy memories that will never fade, but for my work to inspire the passion in others.

When I look back on the treasured pics of my childhood, meticulously documented by my father, and my pile of tattered journals that whisper my journey, I want nothing more than to share your story, yet untold.

We all have a divine purpose. This is mine. And, with all the beauty still out there, my work will, thankfully, never be done.

For an idea of how I shoot, take a look at this little video clip of behind the scenes.

CLAIRE COURTNEY PROMO VIDEO from WeddingFrames on Vimeo.

In the words of Shelly Johnson




When you choose Claire to capture your love, I have the honour of being her assistant & your personal stylist! This is a gift from Claire, to her clients, to ensure that your shoot flows seamlessly & that every little detail is taken care of! From helping couples find comfortable poses, styling your outfit & surrounds, pulling faces to make the kids laugh, to making veils fly without a breeze, my repertoire is vast! A copywriter by trade, I then have the pleasure of writing about your love story thereafter!

As a believer in fairytales, & magnet to all things bright & beautiful, writing about Claire’s ethereal images is the job of my dreams! I live & breathe words. I think about them the way people daydream about new crushes… rolling names across my tongue, imagining what they could be together! Though a picture can speak a thousand words, carefully crafted words turn those images into conversations.

After living in Paris & seeing the world as an air hostess, I did my BA at Stellenbosch, majoring in English Literature. I yearned to find a way to integrate my passion for language with my love of art. A diploma in copywriting granted my wish & I set sail into the wild seas of advertising. I’m grateful to now be freelancing as a copywriter, tuning into bird tweets from my tree house in the hills. My Boston Terrier’s permanently upturned nose of a Creative Director, pushes my writing even further! My most important career to date is demanding ~ having tea parties with stuffed animals for my littlest employer: India Ivy. From our treetops, I’m transported to a thousand different worlds through the images I’m so blessed to spend my days writing about.

“She was fascinated with words. To her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells.”~Dean Koontz

Should you require any writing for your brand, please contact Shelley on: or +27 72 311 0011

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