loveLTo me, an aria is something that fills your soul, catches you off guard with its pure beauty & makes time stand still whilst you are wrapped in its refrain. I felt the same emotions capturing little Aria in her adoring parents’ arms. They share a love that is so beautiful & undeniable it needs no props, no distractions. It fills a room the way morning light washes away any traces of the night & makes everything seem possible. Being in the presence of a newborn always makes me feel like I’ve met an angel fresh from heaven. Aria exemplified this with her little yawns, smiles & gurgles whilst lying so peacefully in her parents’ arms. A dream to photograph!

Andrea & Ryan’s whirlwind romance is the stuff songs are written about! They make you believe in the power of love at first sight & being meant to be! What they share is so warm, real & tangible it made capturing them feel like I was invisible, just looking in on the most doting parents basking in the glow of the miracle in their arms. Love needs no direction & cannot be staged. It’s always inspiring to be in the presence of something so beautiful.

Their first date in April 2012 lasted all day & within a heartbeat they just knew! 2 weeks later they moved in together & 2 months on they started talking marriage! In July,
Ryan secretly mailed & met her best friend to design her dream engagement ring! Once the bling was in its box, he did the gentlemanly thing & drove through to her parents to ask for their blessing. They were overjoyed & the wheels were in motion for the most romantic proposal of all time! After Andrea attending a team building in France & Ryan competed in the Iron Man World Champs in Las Vegas, they met one another in NYC! On September 11th 2012, they went up Empire State Building to view the World Trade Centre Footprint on the anniversary of 9/11. Ryan took her to the 102nd floor & to the top on the world when he said those magic words! They soaked up all the wonders of New York on a newly engaged high! In November, they found out they were expecting their dream come true & on June 26th 2013 baby Aria completed their love story! That December, Aria was there to witness her mommy walk down the aisle to her daddy, set to this love song…

Together can never be close enough for me, to feel like I am close enough to you,
You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love, & you’re beautiful!
Now that the wait is over, & love and has finally shown her my way,
Marry me, today and every day, marry me!

Promise me, you’ll always be, happy by my side,
I promise to sing to you, when all the music dies.

~”Marry Me” by Train

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