After stumbling upon an old, burnt down house, with peeling paint, forgotten tiles, crumbling walls, & rambling plants as tenants, a truly magical shoot was born. Like something out of The Secret Garden, these ruins hold endless wonder & mystery… We found our imaginations growing through every crack. We dreamt of making something beautiful rise from these ashes & an Easter celebration was the perfect fit.

 The table, dripping with decadence, reminded the walls so raw of riches that were.

Just as the opulent feast & chandelier were juxtaposed against the exposed brick backdrop, the sound of children’s laughter filling a home that once was, brought its secrets back to life. They hunted for Easter eggs in the ultimate hide & seek spot, a maze of waist high walls bound together by ivy, doorways & windows that welcomed the breeze & anyone looking for adventure. The enchantment we found was as joyous to us as discovering stashes of chocolate was to our adorable little models.

For our Easter tea party, we played with greys & pastels, textures & a mixture of elements, creating a gorgeously eclectic, rustic-chic scene. Vintage inspiration along with clean lines, yumminess & loveliness created as much of a visual feast as our beautiful kiddies had before them! Our little Easter bunnies were the golden wrappers & pops of colour that turned something beautiful, into something truly enchanting!

 To us, this shoot speaks of hope, of the beauty in the broken. Like people, houses are far more interesting when they don’t hide their flaws. Just as a person who has been through fire has infinitely more character, the same is apparent in a gently crumbling cottage. All it takes is someone to believe in the beauty within the ruins, for them to blossom once more.

Happy Easter to all!

Thanks to:

Tracey De Nobrega, our food stylist

Anthea Kirkman, my special friend who helped me put this shoot together.  Check out her work here

Aspen for the amazing flower arrangements


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